Wheelbarrow Race Explained By Nipper Brown

The Great Wheelbarrow Race is the tale of community minded people, 140 kilometres of country roads across Far North Queensland Australia and a lot of wheelbarrows. Teams of people and individuals raising money for all forms of charity. It takes 3 days to complete and every day is filled with fun, energy and a sense of purpose. One of the organisers, Nipper Brown, reveals the background story for this years event to be held on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May


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Alby Mangels

albycharityFollowers of this blog have probably heard my interview with Alby Mangels, a person I have come to deeply respect.

Lyn Santer, Alby’s publicity  manager, who has also featured on this site, has contacted me with news that Alby is in the Philippines at the moment, and was there through the thick of Typhoon Haiyan.

Authorities estimate at least 9 million people in 41 provinces have been affected by the typhoon so far.  9 MILLION.

It’s one of the most powerful recorded typhoons to ever hit land and likely the deadliest natural disaster to beset this poor Southeast Asian nation with at least 10,000 killed.

Heres what Lyn conveyed:

Alby just called. He is in the Philippines at the moment, which you no doubt know has just suffered the worst typhoon in memory. He has had a home on one of the islands for nearly six years now and the people are very close to his heart. In the worst of the weather, with 350 kph winds, Alby was out in the streets even though it was impossible to stand. His own home has been severely damaged and everyone he knows in the region has been calling him for help. Many of those he cares for have lost entire families in the recent devastation. Many of his personal friends are missing presumed dead. There is one island with a million people who have no homes, no food and no drinkable water. Airports are still closed hampering international relief efforts. Three little brothers he knows found their mother dead under a coconut tree and couldn’t even move her. He’s doing what he can but as one individual with such a massive disaster still unfolding as disease and starvation starts to kick in he can only do so much… although, as I told him just now, every life he helps is one that wouldn’t have been helped otherwise. It’s just horrendous and mind boggling in proportion. So – please spare a thought and send some good energy to Alby and the people who are so close to his heart today. He says mostly people are just out in the open praying and praying and praying because that’s all they have left – their faith.


If you wish to help:   All profits from www.albyshop.com to help relief efforts.